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Decision Making Helper - the Decision Making Software
by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland

Make the right decision - sound, consciously and objectively.

Download Decision Making Helper by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland

Decision Making Helper for Microsoft Windows™ supports you in a very easy way in the decision-making process. When using the software you will make rational, comprehensive, understandable and clear decisions. You can make decisions and either opt for a single option whether you should take it or not or you can choose between several options in order to find the best.

The program operates on the principle of Weighted Decision Matrix that allows you a differentiated assessment of all decision criteria. While the manual application is complex and time-consuming the decision process will become a child's play with this software.

The use of the decision making software is simple:
1. Name one or more possibilities of decisions (options).
2. Create the list of criteria and their importance.
3. Rate each criterion for each option.
The program then calculates automatically the decision value for each option, in percentage terms from -100% to +100% and in words "negative / rather negative / neutral / rather positive / positive". Additionally, there are various graphics available in order to compare the rating of each single option.

To find the right decision for the best option will become a child's play without losing sight of the seriousness of the decision-making process.

Video Demo Decision Making Helper by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland

  • Simple use of the decision aids in one program.
  • Precise evaluation of the options by weighted criteria.
  • Rational decision-making, comprehensive, understandable and clear.
  • Reliable and traceable decision-making also in complex situations.
  • High degree of trust and confidence in the decision found.
  • Good recognition of the framework conditions of a decision.
  • Clear graphics of the decision-making.
  • Playful approach to the decision-making process.
  • Convincing instrument to convincingly represent the decision towards partners.

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Decision Making Helper can be downloaded in the following languages:
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The decision making software can be tested free of charge as a limited trial version before purchase. When installing the software no modification will be taken on your system and the program can be easily uninstalled in case you might not be satisfied.

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The costs for a Single-User License are USD 25.- or Euro 20.-. There is also a Business License (for up to 10 PCs within the same company) as well as a Corporate License (for an unlimited number of PCs within the same company) available. The licenses are non-expiring and valid for all future updates.

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