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Directory List & Print by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland          Free and Pro Version

Directory List & Print is a software tool for Windows™ and enables listing and printing the content of any directory in a simplest way. In addition, the file lists can be formatted, filtered, saved to several file formats and also be further processed (delete/copy/move files). By copying to the clipboard the lists can be exported into other programs or opened directly in Word™ and Excel™. The Free Version (Freeware) has all the basic features included, the Pro Version (Shareware) provides interesting additional features.

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Download Software

The Software is digitally signed and available for download in the languages
Download English English , Download German German , Download French French , Download Dutch Dutch , Download Italian Italian , Download Portuguese-Brazil Portuguese-Brazil

The software can be tested free of charge before purchase. It does not modify your operating system at all.

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A Portable Version without an installer is also available for download in the languages
Download English English , Download German German , Download French French , Download Dutch Dutch , Download Italian Italian , Download Portuguese-Brazil Portuguese-Brazil


    Free Version (Freeware) and Pro Version (Shareware)
  • Selection of starting directory by an Explorer like tree structure.
  • Selection of starting directory by entering the path as a text string.
  • Drag & Drop of directories (or a file) from Windows Explorer.
  • Integration of "Open in Directory List & Print" in the directory context menu of Windows Explorer.
  • Direct selection of important system directories as "My Documents" etc.
  • Listing of sub-directories and/or files and looping through sub-directories (recursion).
  • Sort files/directories by name in NATURAL order (like Windows Explorer).
  • Display of BASIC FILE INFORMATION (many more in the Pro version, see below):
    - row number (consecutive),
    - file and directory name with or without directory path,
    - file name with or without file extensions,
    - date and time of last modification,
    - date and time of creation,
    - file size (Byte, KiloByte, MegaByte, GigaByte).
  • Display of column titles in the first row, turn on/off.
  • Display of intertitles (directory path), turn on/off.
  • Print directory listing, direct printing of corresponding list.
  • Export list into other programs by copying to the clipboard.
  • Open the list directly in Microsoft Word™ and Excel™.
  • Support for connecting and disconnecting network drives.
  • Automatic saving of display options when exiting the program.
  • Start program with a directory path as a parameter.
    Pro Version only (Shareware)
  • Save own directory favorites.
  • Set directory recursion depth/levels for subdirectories.
  • Show number and sum of size and length of the displayed objects.
  • Display of the date in many different international formats:, dd/mm/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, yyyymmdd,, yyyy/mm/dd, yyyy-mm-dd, mm.dd.yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy
  • Display of the time in many different international formats:
    hh:mm:ss, hh:mm, hh:mm:ss AM/PM, hh:mm AM/PM, hhmmss, hhmm
  • Display of the audio/video duration in many different formats:
    HH:MM:SS.nnn, MM:SS.nnn, SS.nnn, HH:MM:SS, MM:SS, SS
    - file attributes (Archive, Read Only, Hidden, System, Compressed, Encrypted),
    - calculated checksums for files: CRC32, MD5, SHA1,
    - owner of files and directories,
    - title of document files (pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx),
    - title of audio/video files (mp3,ogg,mpeg,mp4 and many more, see website),
    - title of program and version number of executables (exe,dll),
    - dimension of documents like pages, words, characters (pdf,doc,docx,xlsx,pptx),
    - dimension of images like width, height, bit depth,
    - dimension of audio files like sampling rate, bit rate, bit rate mode,
    - dimension of video files like width, height, frame rate, bit rate,
    - format of audio/video and image files,
    - duration of audio/video files.
  • Display of EXIF meta tags like:
    width, height, depth, resolution DpI, format, orientation,date taken, time taken, date changed, time changed, author/artist, copyright, description, comment, rating, software, camera manufacturer, camera model, focal length, aperture f-stop, exposure time, sensitivity ISO, color space.
  • Display of IPTC meta tags like:
    keywords, headline, caption, copyright, byline, date created, time created, country, state, city, sublocation, source, editor.
  • Display of AUDIO meta tags like:
    title, artist, album, year recorded, year released, track number, disc number, genre, composer, publisher, copyright, comment, length, beats per minute, sampling rate, bit rate, bit rate mode, format.
  • Display of VIDEO meta tags like:
    title, year recorded, year released, length, width, height, videoformat, videostandard, frame rate, bit rate, movie name, series name, series season, director, producer, publisher, subject, description, keywords, copyright, comment, application software.
  • Display of DOCUMENT meta tags like:
    title, subject, keywords, categories, comments, author, pages, sheets, slides, words, characters, lines, date created, time created, date modified, time modified, modified by, revision, encryption, software, version.
  • Sort files/directories by name in NATURAL or ASCII order, ascending/descending.
  • Sort files by size, date/time, duration (A/V), ascending/descending.
  • Set filter to certain file size range.
  • Set filter to include or exclude certain file types.
  • Set filter to include or exclude files and directories by certain terms.
  • Set filter to include or exclude files by date range, date created or modified.
  • Set filter to include or exclude files by attributes (archive, read-only, hidden, system, compressed, encrypted).
  • Set filter on audio/video/image properties (Width, Height, BitDepth, Resolution DpI, FrameRate FpS, BitRate KBpS, SamplingRate KHz, Duration in Seconds).
  • Set filter on length of filenames, eg. to analyze the file system when copying it to a new directory structure (path+filename, filename only, >, =, <).
  • Output the list directly to the default printer.
  • Output the list as PDF file (page size is adjusted automatically up to A0).
  • Output the list as HTML table, with absolute Windows file paths for local use or with relative addresses for the web server, fonts and colors customizable.
  • Output the list as XML file, including all selected attributes.
  • Output the list as comma- or tab-delimited file or CSV file.
  • Output the list directly to Microsoft Word™ and Excel™.
  • Linking of files and directories in Excel™ and HTML output for direct open by mouse click.
    (This function is customizable for any language variant of Excel)

All files supporting extended information like
Date/Time created, Date/Time modified, Size, File attributes, File type, File path, File name, Checksums CRC32/MD5/SHA1

Image files supporting additional information like
Image format, Image size, Bit depth, Resolution DpI, EXIF meta tags if available, IPTC meta tags if available

  • bmp, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpeg2000, jp2, j2k, j2c, jng, jif, jpe, tiff, tif, tga, targa, ico, pcd, pcx, cut, dds, exr, g3, hdr, lbm, koa, mng, pbm, pfm, pgm, pct, pic, pict, ppm, ras, raw, nef, nrw, dng, crw, cr2, sgi, wbmp, xbm, xpm, psd

Audio files supporting additional information
Title, Duration, Audio format, Sampling rate KHz, Bitrate Kbps, Fixed/Variable Bitrate, AUDIO meta tags if available

  • ogg, ogm, wav, mp2, mp3, wma, ra, ape, mac, flac, aiff, aifc, au, iff, paf, sd2, irca, w64, mat, pvf, xi, sds, avr, ac3, aac, dts

Video files supporting additional information
Title, Duration, Video format, Picture size, Frame rate Fps, Bitrate Kbps, VIDEO meta tags if available

  • avi, mpeg, mpg, vob, mp4, mpgv, mpv, m1v, m2v, m4v, asf, wmv, qt, mov, rm, rmvb, ifo, wtv, dvr-ms, mkv, mka, mks, divx, xvid, m2ts, m2t, mts, ts, flv

Document files supporting additional information
Title, Extent like pages/sheets/slides and number of words/characters, DOCUMENT meta tags if available

  • pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx

Executable files supporting additional information
Title, Version number

  • exe, dll

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows™ XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32bit and 64bit).
  • About 15 MB disk space.

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Some of the features in the Pro Version are not free and set inactive in the freeware version. They can be activated online by a licence for a small fee. The licence is non-expiring and valid for all future updates.

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The software can be installed as single user licence on 1 PC. The licence refers to the name of the user. For any further PC an additional licence is required.
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The software can be installed on up to 10 PCs within the same company. The licence refers to the name of the company.
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Within the same company the program can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs. The licence refers to the name of the company.
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"Hi. I never understood why it was easier to print a directory in DOS than Windows. Thank you for the slick program 'Directory List & Print'. Cheers"
Tom Mathers, Canada

"Hi, I just needed to print a list of files and couldn't make Windows 7 perform. A quick web search got me to your utility and it worked GREAT. Thanks much, you've saved me from much frustration."
Jacques Vandenbroek, USA

"Hello, I have just downloaded and used your 'Directory List and Print' which is a wonderful time saver. The application was easy to download and to use. Anybody else who has thousands of files will find this program invaluable. I have 12,000 jpegs, the filenames of which I have re-captioned, and put in numerous directories. To have done this in DOS would have been a day's work, but 'Directory List and Print' has done it within half-an-hour, so thank you for this invaluable program. I will recommend it to others whom I know."
Paul Fletcher, USA

"With your program, I just view things in time order with file types and sizes, then hit 'print!'. Simple, and very smart. Thank you for making life easier!"
Bob Taylor, USA

"Thanks VERY much for the update. Directory List & Print Pro is one of my favorite and most useful utilities. It works flawlessly and I would not want to be without it. Again, a big thank-you."
Gord MacSwain, Canada

"A great tool is getting even better. Again hats off to your team."
Kumar Nepa, India rating 5 of 5 stars Review + Quick Look Video editors review excellent review very good rating 5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars editor's pick editor's review editor's review review rating 5 of 5 stars rating 5 of 5 stars

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