How To Easily Print Folder And Directory Contents In Windows 

With Directory List & Print you can print, save and export directory listings and folder contents easier than ever before.

Would you like to export the list of your MP3 files?  Is your task to convert a directory structure to an HTML index with hyperlinks. Are you in need to export the contents of a folder to Excel? Do you need to list and print all your audio and video files with information about size, title and name of artist? Would you like to sort out all your last holiday images in order to copy them into a new folder? Do you need a list of  your image files sorted by creation date and time taken?

All of this is and much more is possible with Directory List & Print Pro. The numerous filter possibilities enable you to create lists of files according to your needs.  In the tutorial below find out how easy you can list, print or export contents of a folder with Directory List & Print Pro.

Directory List & Print consists now of 7 tabs:

  1. Directory
  2. Columns
  3. Display
  4. Filter
  5. Output
  6. Action
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1. Directory

Choose The Requested Folder From The Directory Tree 

Directory List & Print Pro for Windows

Under the tab “Directory” the directory structure of your computer is displayed as known via Windows Explorer. Choose the requested directory by selecting it with your mouse.


 Tip: Do you want regularly to list, print or export contents of a certain folder? Then, define this folder as “Favorit”.  Select the folder by using your mouse, click then on the +(Plus) button in the upper right corner and confirm to include the selected folder into your favorite list by clicking on the OK-button. Now, without having to search and scroll through your directory tree, the directories and folders listed under “Favorites” are directly available for regular use under the tab “Directory”. 


Create your favorite directories to list and print


2. Columns

Create Your Individual List Of Files Including The Data Needed.

File Lists with Directory List & Print

Under the tab “2. Columns” you can create individual lists of files how you want them to print, save or export into other applications.

In the left window, select the file information you want to have in your final list. Copy the requested file information from the left to the right window by either double-clicking the requested information or by clicking on the arrow button in the middle of the window. The file information listed in the right window define the columns in your final list.


Tip: Would you like to change the order of your columns? No problem.  With the up and down arrow buttons in the upper right corner you can modify the order of your columns. 



 3. Display

Define How To Display The Directory Contents

Display Directory Contents with Directory List & Print

Define how you want to display the selected directory listings. Would you like to list the directory contents including all subdirectories? Then, please select “Run through subdirectories” .

Find below more information about the possible selection options:

Involve files within each directory: List single files in each directory.
Involve subdirectories within each directory: List each single subdirectory.
Remove path subtitle before each listed directory: Do not display subheads between the directories.
Remove file type from file name (.txt etc).: Do not display the file extensions in the column “Name” (Except in the column “Path and Name” where the file extensions are needed for further processing.
Show column headers in the first row of the file list: Show a headline indicating the name of each column.
Summarize and display number, size and duration of the files: Display a summary including number of total files, size and possible duration per each file folder.
Show a table with directory totals only, without details of individual files: Display only a summary of all file folders; no listing of the single files.


Possible formats for the output of your list can be defined in the right upper corner:

Output Formats of Directory List & PrintDoes your list contain information about date and time? Then, you can define what date and time format should be displayed. You can also define the sorting of your file listing.

Tip: You can preview your list after each selection by clicking on the button  “Create / update file list!”.  Attention: In case you work on a large list of files the preview may take some time but you can always cancel the procedure with the ESC key (view the progress bar).



4. Filter

Possibilities To Filter The Folder Contents

Possibilities to filter the folder contents

When having defined the complete list of your files you can filter the contents for the final output.

There are numerous possibilities to filter your data:

  • by file type and the specific file extension such as example txt, doc, xls, jpg etc.
  • by file size
  • by length of filename and file path
  • by date and time of creation and last modification
  • by many A/V properties for video and image files
  • by file properties


5. Output

Choose The Output Format Of Your Directory And Folder Listing

Choose the output format of your directory and folder listing


Directory List & Print offers many outpout options. You can directly print the directory contents or create a PDF document of your folder list. The list of files can be copied to clipboard or directly opened in Notepad / Editor.

Depending on your needs, you can directly export your directory listings to Excel or Word or create an HTML- or XML table of your directory tree as well as a TXT and CSV file. Simply choose the output option needed.

When exporting your file list directly to Excel or creating an HTML table hyperlinks are possible.


6. Action

Use This Feature To Copy, Move And Delete Your Data In Your Folders

Use this feature to organise your data in your folders

Besides the possibilities to list, print and export a directory tree Directory List & Print offers you another helpful feature. We call it “Action”.

Under the tab “Action” Directory List & Print Pro enables you additionally to organize your directories and folders. Once having created the preferred file list you can directly copy and move the data to a different target directory or completely delete the data selected.

Under the tab “6. Action” choose the requested operation/action you would like to perform with your data. Use the “Preview” button to check your action before  confirming your operation definitely by clicking on the button “Start”.


Pro License

Would you like to take full advantage of all the valuable features of Directory List & Print Pro? Buy now the license key for the program here online for only USD 20. After your purchase you will receive a confirmation email including your license key. Copy this multiline license key into the appropriate field in order to activate the Pro version. After having activated the Pro version your name and email address will show up below and all previously grayed out features will be active.

Buy the license key now and all future updates of the software are included.


Your Wish List

Do you miss any feature in Directory List & Print Pro in order to list, print and export the directory and folder contents according to your needs? Would you like additional file information for selection?  Send us an email to and tell us your suggestions and requested features for future updates. We look forward to hearing from you.


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How To Print Folder And Directory Contents

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