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Directory List & Prin Pro enables to easily list folder contents or directory structures, print the file lists and open them directly in Word, Excel or as HTML table.  Numerous filter options allow to create simply and fast the requested file and folder lists .

The following videos illustrate the many helpful features Directory List & Print Pro is providing you:


1. How To Enter Licence Key
2. Introduction To The Basic Features
3. How To Update Directory List & Print Automatically
Further Video Tutorials Showing Specific Features

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1. How To Enter Licence Key

The Pro version comes with numerous additional helpful features. After your purchase of Directory List & Print Pro you will receive a confirmation email including a multiline licence code.

This video tells you how to enter the licence key.




2. Introduction To The Basic Features

This video provides you an overview of the valuable features of Directory List & Print Pro. Besides the possibility to easily list, print and export a directory tree Directory List & Print Pro offers various options to select and filter your file lists. The software tool Directory List & Print Pro allows you additionally to directly move, copy or delete the selected files.

As of the version 3.01, Directory List & Print Pro includes more than 100  meta tags to select for EXIF, IPTC, MP3, AUDIO, VIDEO and DOCUMENTS to create your requested list inlcuding the meta data needed.


Watch this video and learn more about Directory List & Print Pro.





3. How To Update Directory List & Print Automatically

As of version 3.05 Directory List & Print comes with an automated update checker.  This latest features enables you to check for and install updates easily and automatically.  With the purchase of Directory List & Print Pro all future updates are included. For further information about the latest features please visit our Change-Log and subscribe to our newsletter to be automatically informed about major updates of the software.




4. Further Video Tutorials Showing Specific Features

4.1 How To Create A Printable List Of All MP3 Files In A Directory
Would you like to obtain an overview of all your MP3 files? Should this file list include information such as title, artist, album, lenght of audio file etc? Directory List & Print Pro can read numerous meta tags in your audio files and display them directly in your list. You can list your MP3 collection, open the data directly in Word and Excel or output as text file, PDF, HMTL and XML table.

4.2 How to Create A Directory Listing Of All Folders
Do you need a directory listing including information about size, number of folder and number of files?  The data can be displayed per directory or cumulated including all sub-directories. If desired, the list can include file names only without and additional information.

4.3 How To Open Files And Folders Directly Within Your File List
You have created your desired file list  including the file information and filtered the list according to your individual preferences. Now, you would like to open certain folders and files directly within your file list. The context menu enables you to directly open as well as copy the files and open the menu “Properties”.

4.4 How To Verify File Types By File Signature
Create file lists including file extensions and verify whether the file formats are correct or have possibly been overwritten. This feature may also be of interest in computer forensics.

4.5 How To Preserve Original File Date “Created” When Copying Files
Would you like to copy files and preserve the original creation date? Create a list of the files to be copied.  Afterwards, copy the listed files to a new target directory under the tab “Action” and the original creation date will not be modified.  

4.6 How To Export A List Of Files Into Calc and Writer (OpenOffice / LibreOffice)
Do you use OpenOffice or LibreOffice or another related application? Besides opening file and folder lists directly in Word and Excel, it is now also possible to open the file lists directly in Writer and Calc. 

4.7 Show Total Size of All Folders and Subfolders in A Directory
Would you like to display in your directory lists only the total size of all folders and subfolders?  Learn here how to get a quick overview.

4.8 How To Create File Lists Including Thumbnails 
Do you want to list and print your list of image files including thumbnails? When choosing Excel, Calc or HTM table as output format you can include thumbnails in your file lists.

4.9 Create A List Of Images Files With GPS Position Data
As of version 3.37 you can include GPS position data in your file lists as well as links to Google Maps providing information where exactly the photo was taken.

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Questions /Suggestions

Do have any questions or suggestions regarding Directory List & Print Pro? Then please contact us at support@infonautics.ch . We look forward to hearing from you.

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