How to Copy Files and Keep and Preserve Creation Dates

Keep And Preserve Creation Dates

Who doesn’t know this problem? The files are quickly copied from an old device to a new one or moved from one folder to another on another drive and afterwards you notice that the file sorting is no longer correct. Due to a peculiarity of Windows, when copying files the creation dates are set to the date of copying. Afterwards, all files have the same creation date. Very annoying, especially if the original date and time are needed to get an overview and orientation of all the files. Or if the creation date or the date of recording are used for the chronological sorting of vacation photos.

But how can we copy files and preserve timestamps? There are some programs and scripts available, but they are not really user-friendly or easy to implement for laypersons. But there is a simple and straight forward solution available: the software tool Copy Files With Dates.

Keep And Preserve Creation Dates With Copy Files With Dates

The tool is very easy to use and consists of two areas (source directory / target directory). Simply select the desired folder with files to be copied in the left area (source directory). Then define in the right area where the files should be copied to (target directory). Click on the button “Start” and the files and subfolders are copied with the correct original creation and modification dates and all other attributes.

In the future, you will be able to copy your files completely without losing any date and time stamps. The program is suitable for copying files of the Windows File System or from external devices like Smartphones and Tablets (Android and iPhone/iOS), which are normally accessible via the MTP protocol (Media Transfer Protocol).

The software tool “Copy Files With Dates” can be downloaded and tested free of charge at With the free demo version 5 files can be copied per copy process in order to evaluate the program.

By the way, if you have already copied files and want to restore the original creation and modification dates afterwards, there is also a related helpful tool available called File Date Corrector.

Keep Timestamp When Copying Files

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