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Commission Free Online Reservation System For Hotels


Your own commission free online reservation system on your website!

Suitable and proven for room reservations and package bookings, additional

corporate login, for individual hotels and hotel groups.

In order to guarantee a successful and user- friendly online booking engine on your website following conditions should be accomplished:

  • Best Price Policy on your own website; i.e. the room rates offered on your website are at least as good as offered by third parties on other websites (This is easily possible when having an own commission free online reservation system). Especially since the customers' booking behavior tends more and more to direct bookings through the hotel website.

  • No hindrance during the booking procedure; i.e. no prior registration should be required nor should any messages be displayed such as "No vacancy for this period". Alternative offers should be submitted instead.

  • Direct communication with the hotel. No booking screens with third party's unknown name and logo. The customer has most confidence in the hotel where he would like to make the reservation. Payment can be made directly at the hotel.

  • Immediate booking confirmation on screen and by e-mail. The bookings are received by the hotel directly and immediately.

  • Additional offers encourage the customer to make a booking. Make use of the possibility to publish special packages and offer corporate rates to your corporate partners.

  • User-friendly online administration is aimed to minimize the time needed for the room allotments (free sale strategy).

The Infonautics Online Booking Engine is complying with all these objectives mentioned and offers following advantages:
Easily to be integrated into your already existing website.
The booking forms correspond with the design of your website.
Within few minutes you publish package offers on your own website.
No commission for bookings will become due.
Secure data transmission of credit card details by SSL.
No cost-intensive investments in hardware or database software.

Check out our live demo version of the Infonautics Online Booking System / Reservation System for individual hotels and hotel groups:

» Room Reservation                
» Package Booking          

Further information about the Infonautics Booking Engine can be found on the accompanying website:
» Detailed Information about the Infonautics Booking System  

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