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INFONAUTICS GmbH - Software Development Company in Switzerland


Are you looking for a partner providing custom software development according to your company's specific needs? The software company INFONAUTICS GmbH realizes individual and customized software for small and mid caps. All software is 100% developed in Switzerland.

Based on many years of experience in software development on many different operating systems the sofware company INFONAUTICS GmbH is able to realize innovative and reliable solutions for the business of small and mid caps. INFONAUTICS GmbH offers user-friendly, reasoned and successful solutions which can be easily integrated in already existing business transactions.
Online solutions present themselves in the browser like desktop applications with windows and control elements of a modern Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface).

The guiding principle of the company reads accordingly:  Clever. Easy. Reliable.

Our working environment can be characterized as follows:

  • Operating systems: Windows, Unix

  • Networks: LAN/WAN, Internet, Intranet, Extranet

  • Fields: Information, Administration, Automation, Office, Logistics, Networking, Publishing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), QM (Quality Management)

Additionally and in relation to the software developed, the company offers customer services, software training courses and software updates.

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