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Software Tools for Windows by INFONAUTICS GmbH

The following Infonautics software tools can be downloaded for free as Shareware and be tested thoroughly before purchase.
Clever. Easy. Reliable.   

Directory List & Print
Create and print directory listings.
(Freeware and Pro Version)

Directory List & Print Pro allows to list and print the content of
any directory in a simplest way. By copying to the clipboard the lists can be exported into other programs or opened directly in Word, Excel and listed as HTML table.


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File Date Corrector
Correct the file date according to meta
information contained in files.   

File Date Corrector enables to correct the system-provided file dates 'Created' and 'Modified'. This is often needed after copying files, thereby obtaining a new file date of the time of copying. This process is using meta information embedded in docs and media files.

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Live File Backup
Real-time backup software for
continuous data protection.

Live File Backup automatically backups the modified working
files in the background. By creating continuously file versions an unintentionally overwritten document or a mistakenly deleted file can be restored at any time.

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Copy Files With Dates
Copy files and directories and
preserve the creation date.      

Quick and easy solution for the fundamental problem that Windows™ sets the date of copying as the new creation date of files and folders when copying files between different drives and devices and then looses the original creation dates.

First Name Gender Processor
Determine gender and salutation
based on the first name.      

Separate first names, surnames and other parts of the name and determine the gender and the corresponding form of salutation based on the first name. Process Excel tables. Database with 180'000 first names.

Quick Merge for Excel+Word

Use correct number formats in mail

merge without puzzling mergefields.

Quick Merge uses the number formats of Excel for your mail merge documents exactly as they are displayed in Excel. The cumbersome and puzzling procedure of inserting {MERGEFIELD} formulas is no longer necessary.

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Decision Making Helper
Make the right decision:
sound, consciously, objectively.

Decision Making Helper supports you in a very easy way in the decision-making process in professional and private life. When using this software you will make rational, comprehensive, understandable and clear decisions.

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Screen Ruler 2D
On-screen ruler for pixel
accurate measuring.

Screen Ruler 2D is a ruler for the desktop which measures in
2 dimensions (horizontal and vertical). The pixel ruler includes a color picker and  a window information panel providing technical information about the underlying window (3 in 1).

My Start Menu
Alternative Windows Start Menu
with additional features.

The  start menu replacement My Start Menu for Microsoft Windows™ allows you instant access to applications,  recently opened documents, folders, drives and websites. The user interface is similar to the familiar Windows Explorer and opened menu folders will stay open for instant use.

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Phone Dial by PC
Select phone numbers with your
mouse and dial directly via PC.

Dial/operate a phone by PC using the serial interface RS-232
connected to the PC com port. Phone numbers can be dialed and redialed from any application via customizable hotkeys. The last 10 numbers are available for redialing.

Super Win Menu
Alternative Windows Start Menu
with additional features.

With the start menu Super Win Menu the current used
working environment is available immediately. No tiresome clicking through different folder levels is needed in order to start a requested program or to open a recently used document.

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DialDirectly (for Skype)
Dialing from any application
by copy/paste via Skype™.

DialDirectly can dial/redial names and phone numbers directly
via Skype™. Copy names and phone numbers from any application by pressing customizable hotkeys and dial them via Skype™. The last 10 numbers are available for redialling.

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Screen Capture & Print
Take and print screenshots easily.
(Freeware + Developer Version)

Screen Capture + Print allows to capture the screen content or
part of it to the clipboard, to print directly or to save it as a picture. The freeware software supports desktops spanning multiple monitors, transparent windows and transparent screen elements.


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Online Desktop Presenter
Desktop presentation via Internet
without any firewall problems.

Present your windows desktop via Internet to any other user
without any firewall problems. Transmit your screen content online for presentations, trainings, sales conversations etc. to one or several remote Internet users.


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