'Phone Dial by PC' by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland

Phone Dial by PC by Infonautics GmbH Switzerland

Improvements in the current version:
  • Improvements for Skype™ version 8.
Previous improvements (most recent on top):
  • Always remove selectable characters at the beginning of a number.
  • Always append selectable characters at the end of a number.
  • Command set for dialing can be adjusted by oneself.
  • Dial a phone number or name directly by Skype™ if installed.
  • Automatic addition of 0 or 9 to obtain an outside line (PBX private branch exchange).
  • When dialing through a modem it is disconnected automatically after establishing phone call.
  • Automatic addition of missing national dialing codes: 0, 1 or no change.
  • Automatic replacement of international prefix codes + or ++ by 0 or 00 or no change.
  • Better modem support.
  • History of last 10 phone numbers for redialing.
  • Individual adjustment of the hotkeys.

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