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Screen Capture + Print is a free software for Windows™ (freeware) and allows to capture the screen content or a part of it. Then it can easily be copied to the clipboard, saved as a picture and printed directly. There are also a few basic image-editing features, including: rotation, grayscale conversion (B&W), inversion (negative), and automatic image orientation adjustment to paper orientation on printout.

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  • Capture of any requested screen area:
    Click on icon in task bar and use the mouse to drag requested selection.
    Ctrl+PrtSc can be used to start capturing a screen area including open menus and tool tips.
  • Capture of full screen:
    Click on icon and then click on desktop once; or use menu "Capture Desktop".
    Shift+PrtSc can be used to capture the full screen including open menus and tool tips.
  • Capture of a single window with or without frame:
    Menu "Capture Window", then click on title bar or content within window.
    Ctrl+Shift+PrtSc can be used to start capturing a single window or part of it.
  • Display of pixel size of the selected area.
  • Support of desktops spanning multiple monitors.
  • Support of transparent windows and screen areas.
  • Support of windows displaying video (without hardware video overlay).
  • Output of captured screen area to clipboard for further use in other applications.
  • Direct printing of captured screen area.
  • Saving captured screen area to file (JPG GIF BMP PNG TIF).
  • The latest selections of output path and format will be kept as settings.
  • New: Automatically adjust the image orientation to paper orientation when printing.
  • New: Image adjustments before output: rotate, grayscale (b/w), invert (negative).
  • Setting to start the program automatically on Windows startup.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows™ 7/8/10/11.
  • Less than 1 MB disk space.

Developer Version (OEM Branding)

In case you would like to deliver this application within your own software, we could customize the tool with your company name and delete the menu entries "Donation" and "More Tools". For further details please contact us at:


"You are filling an obvious void in Windows 7. Who wants to go through a 7 or 8 step process using Paint to print screen contents? Your utility is elegant, efficient and very user friendly. Well done indeed!"
W R Heathcote, USA editor's choice      

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