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Survey Software InfoWiz® - The Information Wizard


Survey Software for Online and Paper Surveys

Conduct customer surveys, employee suveys, guest surveys, patient surveys etc. easily by yourself: The survey software InfoWiz® manages in a most simplest way the complete process from creating a questionnaire, collecting the responses up to displaying sound statistical analysis by mouse click.

InfoWiz® is your time machine supporting you in your medium and long-term realization of your success strategies!

Success is based on satisfied customers! They however depend on motivated employees and optimized business processes. Problematic situations have an unfavourable effect on your turnover with a delay of several months. Knowing these tendencies already today puts you in the position to react immediately instead of waiting for dropping profits.

Survey - Data Analysis - Statistics - Benchmarking

InfoWiz® enables you to evaluate the satisfaction and expectations of your customer and employees on a regular basis and to take the corresponding measures. InfoWiz® is supporting in a surprisingly easy manner the complete process of drawing up a questionnaire, as well as entering data, analyzing statistics and offering possible anonymous benchmarks between other similar companies.

Guest and employee surveys conducted by the survey software InfoWiz® are recognised and accepted for the quality program by the Swiss Tourist Association. Also, the software is used strategically by well known companies within the context of the ISO certification. Numerous innovative hoteliers rely on InfoWiz®  in order to optimize decision-making processes.

Further information about the survey software InfoWiz® can be found on the accompanying website:
Detailed Information about the Survey Software InfoWiz®

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